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ORBO:Testing the O-Cube

After the launch of Steorn's Orbo recharging device a few of the odd "monkey face" devices were allowed to undergo testing by third parties.  The first was Frank Acland of  Frank was formerly under an NDA to Steorn.

When he finished, Frank lent me the device ( had also been under an NDA) and I proceeded to do tests on the individual "Steorn batteries" which were the center of the self-charging device.  My results were mixed, but below you can see an initial report on the O-Cube, the main report thread posted on the E-Cat World website and a followup summary.

Steorn was dissolved early in 2017 and the former CEO, Shaun McCarthy, is now one of the largest cryptocurrency miners in Ireland. We hope that the next generation of the Orbo is still in the works and validates the technology!

Below is the introduction to the "Tear-down and Testing of Orbo Cells" thread.  Please note, the oldest posts are at the bottom.  If you would like to see the post in the E-Cat World website, CLICK HERE.

Here are the last threads from Frank about Steorn’s Orbo “O-Cube” reported in the e-catworld forum.  The results were mixed:


In summary, the O-Cube appeared not to perform as claimed.  The electronic circuitry was suspected as the cause.
Since then (February/March 2017), Steorn closed shop, liquidated its assets, and founder Shaun McCarthy and some of his former employees have gone on to new ventures. In early October 2016 Frank sent the O-Cube to me (I am a former member of the Steorn Knowledge Data Base) and I began a teardown of the components.  I acquired a digital oscilloscope and other software to do some analysis of the individual blue cells.  The blue cells were the battery-like components, covered in mastic and purportedly containing rolls of Shaun’s “magic film” capable of recharging themselves.  Testing was as time allowed.
My original O-Cube Report highlights that testing of the blue cells and the results.  From these tests the following conclusions were reached regarding individual blue cells:
They do not harvest energy from the environment
They do recharge themselves as claimed by Steorn [Note: this claim has now been called into question]

Click on any of the pdfs to read the reports or discussion thread.

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