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Bits ... Atoms ... Smoke


THE UNLIT PIPE is a portfolio site for designer Greg Daigle and his work in... 

BITS— digital media

ATOMS  — product designs

SMOKE  — emerging technologies with hazy futures  

Quick links to projects focusing on BITS

DW logo lrg.png

Link to the nonprofit Digital Watershed where I am Executive Director.

Quick links to projects focusing on ATOMS

Quick links to projects focusing on SMOKE

Cover Insert.png

Link to my website "Gravity Modification" where I propose the discipline of "gravity design" based upon new theories in physics.

"The Unlit Pipe"

comes from a photo of a young me in Carmel, CA


Of course, the pipe was unlit.

This image was later adopted by a BBC2 radio competition as "The Duffer".  Wholly appropriate!

My area of expertise is bits ... my area of training is atoms ... but I just can’t quit the smoke.

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